Read about us in issue 149 of The Carer (pages 38 -39).

Locàite.me is the latest personal SOS and fall alarm solution from Càite Ltd that helps you support,
care for, and communicate easily with loved ones, enabling them to live independently at home for

Designed at every stage with the wearer in mind, the simplicity of Locàite.me is one of its key
strengths. Simply press the large SOS button to make a two-way voice call to a family member or
carer if help is needed. Other alarms, including the fall alarm, are activated automatically. You, and
others with whom you choose to share access, receive smartphone notifications for all alarms and
can instantly see whereabouts on the map, along with recent movement history. Then saved
emergency contacts are dialled in turn until one answers.

With the familiar appearance of a key fob for the wearer, coupled with our exceptionally user-
friendly app for carers, Locàite.me gives loved ones or professionals an easy, secure, and immediate

way of checking safety and wellbeing from a distance. It is non intimidating technology at its best and
our UK based team are here to help you at every stage of your journey.

Using our optional indoor location technology, Room Locàite, gives you at-a-glance insights into daily
routines and movement around the home, helping you to build up a picture of how your loved ones
are managing throughout the day. This is particularly useful for alerting you to any changes in
sleeping, eating or general activity patterns at home, enabling you to adapt your support as early as
possible. There’s no in-home installation required as the small, battery powered Room Locàite
beacons are simple to place in as many rooms as you need. The Locàite.me pendant records the
nearest beacon and the app records and displays this on a handy 7 day chart.

Locàite.me gives reassurance and peace of mind to families who support loved ones to live
independently. It costs £129.99 and the associated monthly SIM plan is just £14.99, which includes
100 minutes of SOS voice calls and 60 optional SMS messages each month. It’s a straightforward 1
month contract and you can cancel any time from within the app. Our accessory Room Locàite
beacons come in packs of 3 for £49.99.

Visit www.Locaite.me for further details or to contact us and be sure to read our 5 star reviews on
Trustpilot and Amazon to hear how Locàite.me has helped so many other families.