Sharing your app with others

You can share your app with others in two different ways. ‘Shared access’ allows another carer to see location and history, but they won’t have access to payment details or important pendant settings that ‘Full access’ will give them.

There’s no limit to how many people you can share with. And you can un-share at any time.

Shared access

Ask the new user to install the Locaite app on their phone, click ‘Shared Access‘ and tell you code displayed on their screen.

Now enter that code in your app within Main menu > App users > Share my app. They’ll see location and history instantly.

Full Access

Users who are “sharing” your app won’t have access to your payment details or be able to change important settings on the pendant. If you wish to grant full access to someone, you can give them your email and password with them and they can log in, just like you, for full access.