Settings help


If you have more than one pendant, select the one you’d like to view using the menu icon at the top left.

Share your app with others, Add a new pendant, access your Account and refresh the app using the links at the bottom.

 Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show Devices. 


Tap to give your pendant a friendly and easily recognisable name.


Tap to connect to the pendant in real time and adjust various settings.

Update frequency: Choose how often to update the pendant’s location. The more often you update, the more battery will be used.

Emergency contacts: Store up to 3 emergency contacts who will be called in turn after a fall or SOS button press. We recommend that you switch off voicemail for each Emergency Number, but there are safeguards in place to automatically move to the next number even if a voicemail answers. 

Alarms: Choose which alarms and settings you require.

Controls: Set up the device LEDs and voice prompts.

Home Locàite

Tap here to change your Home Locàite stored location.

The Home Locàite feature intelligently switches to indoor mode when near the charging base and will report the location you store here. This also helps to greatly extend the battery life of the pendant.

Display Settings

Switch between miles and kilometres when viewing your history.