No location is shown

If your pendant hasn’t sent any location updates for more than 24 hours, you will see the warning message “There have been no updates for X days.”

If you expected more recent updates, please check the following:

1) Is the battery flat and needing charged.

2) If you have the pendant with you, is the pendant ON and are the LEDs flashing?

There are three LEDs on the side of the pendant that let you know the current status of the pendant’s connections by the way they flash. Double flashes for each LED represent normal operation. You can switch the pendant LEDs off via the app.

  • Green represents the mobile network connection and will flash every few seconds.
    • Single flash (*—– *—–) means it is successfully connected to the mobile phone network and can make calls and texts.
    • Double flash (*-*— *-*—) means it is connected to the app.
    • Long flash (***— ***—) means your pendant is searching for a mobile signal. (If this persists, please move your tracker to a window or outside for best signal.)
  • Blue represents the GPS signal and will be seen occasionally when the pendant is updating its location.
  • Red represents the Home Locàite connection and will be seen when the pendant is near the charging base.

Locaite.me LEDs

3) If you don’t have the pendant with you, are you able to contact the wearer another way to confirm the above?

4) Check the timeline for the last known locations.

Please contact our support team via in-app help for further support.