How to wear or carry Locàite

You can choose from a number of ways to wear or carry the Locàite pendant.

You’ll find a neck lanyard and keyring clip included in the box and we have have an optional wrist strap or belt clip available to purchase separately.


Lanyard (included)

The simplest way to wear the Locàite pendant is to use the lanyard and wear around the neck.

Attach the lanyard by following the brief instructions below.  

Press the sides of the clip to separate from the cord, then thread the thin string through the lanyard loop.

Pop the plastic clip back through the loop of string and tighten. Clip back on to the lanyard.

Hold down the button and slide to adjust the length of the lanyard. This will allow the pendant to sit higher or lower on your chest.

This safety catch will pop open if the lanyard gets caught on anything. Simply click back together if required.

Keyring clip (included)

If you prefer to attach Locàite to a keyring, please see the instructional images below that show the easiest way to attach the clip and ring to the device. It may look a little tricky, but it’s relatively straightforward and you don’t need a lot of finger strength using this method.

Separate the circular split ring a little and paritially insert the round end of the clip.

Now that the split ring is help open, it’s easy to twist through the lanyard hole on the device. Keep twisting until secure.

Now clip to existing keys. You may prefer to use a little padlock instead. Follow the same procedure to remove the split ring if required.

Optional accessories

Wrist strap

Belt clip