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We’re here to help you get the most from Locàite. 

We’ve also provided answers to our most commonly asked questions in our support portal. A quick check there could give you an immediate answer without having to wait for a reply from the Support team, but we are always happy to hear from you. Just click the chat icon at the bottom right to open up the Locàite support portal.

Help contents

main menuMain menu

The main menu shows all your devices, Locàite app users and SIM plans.



Tap on the relevant device to view its location, timeline, events, zones and access device specific settings.

app-usersApp users

The Locàite account owner is shown along with anyone you have shared your app with. You can add and remove app users here.

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sim-plansSIM plans

Securely view and update your SIM plans and billing details.

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Tap to reload the app.

app-usersApp users

Locàite account owner

The registered account owner is shown here. If you are signed in as the account owner, you can tap the arrow to see the “Log out from this device” option.

Other people you have shared with

You can allow other people to view your Locàite app. They will receive smartphone notifications for all device alarms, but will only be telephoned if you also save their number as an Emergency Contact.

Shared App users will be able to view your device Location, Timeline, Events and Zones. They won’t be able to change any device settings or view your billing details.

If you prefer someone else to have full access to your device settings and billing, they can also sign in to Locàite using your username and password.

Share your devices

Enter the Shared access code shown on the other person’s phone and they’ll instantly be able to view your app. You can share with as many people you like and you can un-share at any time by tapping the icon beside any user to revoke their access.

sim-plansSim plans

If you are logged in as the registered Locàite account owner, you can view and change your billing details and control SIM plans.

Cancel or reactivate your SIM plan

You can cancel and reactivate any of your Locàite SIM plans at any time.

renewTap the slider switch to turn off “Renew Automatically”. The slider will turn grey and you won’t be charged again. Your device will stop working when the current month’s subscription ends on the date shown.

You can reactivate your SIM by tapping the slider again. Please contact us after reactivating an existing SIM plan.

location  Location

Select your pendant

If you have more than one pendant, select the one you’d like to view from the main menu.

Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show the main menu. 

Status overview

Battery level and time of last update are shown at the top of the Location page along with any priority messages.

Understanding the map icons

The pendant’s latest location is shown by the small circular marker  together with how long ago it last sent an update. If you see the Home Locàite icon house-icon instead, this means the pendant is connected wirelessly to the charging base and is reporting the location you stored in Settings > Home Locàite.

If there has been movement, other recent locations are also shown, gradually fading with time. Arrows show the direction in which the device was moving at each time.

The following icons are shown on the map.

map-iconTap to change the map style.

open-iconTap to view the device’s last location on your phone’s own map and compare to your current location or access route guidance, etc. (Return to the Locàite app for further location updates).

Tap history-icon to view the previous 60 locations on the map, which can be up to 3 hours depending on your selected update frequency.

Tip: When using only GPS, it’s normal for the device’s position to move a little on the map, even if the pendant is stationary and especially if it is indoors. Using the Home Locàite feature will ensure the best possible accuracy at home and greatly extend the battery life too.

more-icon Tap to see further track and call actions.

  • Request location contacts the pendant to request the latest location. If not connected to Home Locàite, it will take a short time to switch on GPS and check.
  • Precision track will update the map every 10 seconds for a few minutes. It takes a short time to activate.
  • Call device from your smartphone (it will show the pendant’s mobile number first, before you dial).

timeline Timeline

Select your pendant

If you have more than one pendant, select the one you’d like to view from the main menu.

Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show the main menu. 


View a summary of the pendant’s location over the past day or two.

Times when the device is moving are grouped together. Tap to view the map for that group, pinch to zoom.

A circle means the pendant was stationary at the time an update was sent, an arrow indicates movement in that direction at the time the update was sent.

events  Events

Select your pendant

If you have more than one pendant, select the one you’d like to view from the main menu.

Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show the main menu. 


View all past events reported by your pendant. These are displayed as notifications at the time of the event on your smartphone (and any other smartphone you have granted shared access with). 



Create and manage Zones for all your devices here. You’ll be notified when any of them move in to, or out of, these zones. They can overlap and will work across all your devices.

settings Settings


If you have more than one pendant, select the one you’d like to view using the menu icon at the top left.

Share your app with others, Add a new pendant, access your Account and refresh the app using the links at the bottom.

Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show Devices. 


Tap to give your pendant a friendly and easily recognisable name.

Device settings

Tap to connect to the device and view or adjust settings.

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Home Locàite

Tap here to change your Home Locàite stored location.

When the charging base is switched on and the pendant is within range, our Home Locàite feature automatically swaps the pendant to indoor mode. The map will show the location you store here. This also helps to greatly extend the battery life of the pendant.

Display Settings

Switch between miles and kilometres when viewing your history.

Device settings

Tap to connect to the pendant in real time and adjust various settings that are stored on the device itself.

If you couldn’t connect, wait few moments and try again.

Update frequency

Choose how often to update the pendant’s location when moving and when not moving. The more frequently you update, the more battery will be used.

Emergency contacts

Store up to 3 emergency contacts who will be telephoned in turn after a fall or SOS button press.

We recommend that each Emergency contact switches off their voicemail, but there are safeguards in place to automatically move to the next number even if a voicemail answers. 

To end the calling sequence, a contact must press “1” on their keypad during the call. 

SOS alarm

Hold down the SOS button for a few seconds to trigger an SOS alert.

The Tracker will beep and all authorised Locàite app users will be notified. Additionally, up to 3 emergency contacts (entered in the Locàite app settings page) will then be called in turn, until one answers. We advise you to switch off any voicemail facility on the emergency numbers as the calling sequence will stop when answered.

The wearer can end the call by clicking the SOS button.

Fall alarm

When the Tracker senses a fall, it beeps 10 times to inform the wearer that an alarm has been triggered. Click the SOS button during these beeps to cancel the alarm.

All authorised Locàite app users will be notified when a Fall is detected. Additionally, up to 3 emergency contacts (entered in the Locàite app settings page) will then be called in turn, until one answers.

You can adjust how senstive the Tracker is to falls by changing the Fall sensitivity setting. Please contact us for further details.


Moving the Tracker out of, or in to, the preset zone triggers a Zone alarm.

If the device last updated just before you leave a zone, all app users will be alerted when the next update is sent.

No motion alarm

If no motion is detected for the selected time, the Tracker will alarm once. It will reset after the next motion.

Low battery alarm

When the battery level falls to approximately 15% all app users will be notified, but it’s best to keep the battery topped up as often as possible.


Switch the device LEDs and voice prompts on and off.

How to wear or carry Locàite

You can choose from a number of ways to wear or carry the Locàite pendant.

You’ll find a neck lanyard and keyring clip included in the box and we have have an optional wrist strap or belt clip available to purchase separately.


Lanyard (included)

The simplest way to wear the Locàite pendant is to use the lanyard and wear around the neck.

Attach the lanyard by following the brief instructions below.  

Press the sides of the clip to separate from the cord, then thread the thin string through the lanyard loop.

Pop the plastic clip back through the loop of string and tighten. Clip back on to the lanyard.

Hold down the button and slide to adjust the length of the lanyard. This will allow the pendant to sit higher or lower on your chest.

This safety catch will pop open if the lanyard gets caught on anything. Simply click back together if required.

Keyring clip (included)

If you prefer to attach Locàite to a keyring, please see the instructional images below that show the easiest way to attach the clip and ring to the device. It may look a little tricky, but it’s relatively straightforward and you don’t need a lot of finger strength using this method.

Separate the circular split ring a little and paritially insert the round end of the clip.

Now that the split ring is held open, it’s easy to twist through the lanyard hole on the device. Keep twisting until secure.

Now clip to existing keys. You may prefer to use a little padlock instead. Follow the same procedure to remove the split ring if required.

Optional accessories

Wrist strap

Belt clip