Room Locàite

Room to room movement

7-day daily routine monitoring using small bluetooth room beacons

Room Locàite beacons placed strategically around the home lets you check daily routine and room to room movement for the past 7 days.

Build a picture of how your loved ones are, not just where they are.

What are they?

Room Locàite beacons are small, battery powered Bluetooth units that are simple to place in as many rooms as you need. The Locàite 4g pendants detects beacon signals when they are within range and show this in the app.

Where do they go?

Every home is unique. Everyone’s needs are unique. We’ll happily schedule a call with you to understand what activity you want to monitor and help you work out where to place your Room beacons. Just get in touch!

Position your Room beacons (1 per room) in the most used rooms of the home and build up a picture of daily routines and movement with Insights. You’ll see when rooms were visited and how long for.

This lets you understand normal activity so you can spot any changes in behaviour.

Example locations to place beacons would be beside a favourite chair in the living room, in a drawer in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Try to maximise the distance between beacons as much as possible.

If you have any question about Room beacons, please let us know. Please include your phone number if you’d like a call back.

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