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The Locàite.me 4g pendant and app give you peace of mind and extra reassurance that your loved ones are safe and well, both inside the home out. It is the perfect solution for families seeking that light touch approach to monitoring the movement and safety of their loved ones from afar.

Simple by design with an extremely user friendly app, Locàite is perfect even for the least tech-savvy of us to master in minutes.

We highly recommend using Room Locàite beacons if you are caring for a loved one who still wishes to live independently.

VAT exemption is available if you or the family member you’re purchasing for is disabled or has a long-term illness.

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The Locàite.me 4g pendant and app are extremely easy to use for both the wearer and carer. Just register in the app with a few simple details and securely save card details for your monthly £14.99 SIM card top up. Then you're ready to choose which alerts you would like to be notified about.

You can see the Locàite user manual here and there are full instructions within the app too, along with live support if you ever need it.

Locàite benefits

→ Hassle free and easy to register

→ UK priority in-app support

→ 100 minutes of emergency calls included each month (but you can use more if required @ 15p per minute)

→ 60 optional emergency SMS messages included each month (but you can use more if required @ 10p per SMS)

→ Connects to EE, who offer the biggest UK mobile network coverage

→ SOS emergency button on both the pendant and charging base

→ Reassuring voice prompts from both device and charger

→ Intelligent emergency calling that will continue calling the next emergency contact even if an answerphone is reached.

→ Fall alarm with adjustable sensitivity

→ Unlimited Zone alarms let you know if the wearer leaves or enters your chosen area

→ Home Locàite intelligently switches to indoor mode when near the charging base, extending the battery life up to 7 days

→ Precision GPS tracking to within a few meters outdoors, updated automatically on the map.

→ Share your Locàite app with as many family members and other carers as needed

→ Extended 2 year warranty with replace first (before return) service

→ 1 month rolling mobile SIM contract (£14.99), cancel any time

Room Locàite benefits

When combined with our optional battery operated beacons, Room Locàite provides at-home daily routine and movement charts for the past 7 days.

→ Monitor room to room movement around the home.

→ Build up a picture of daily activity to quickly recognise any changes in routine.

→ Simply place our battery operated beacons in each room that you wish to accurately monitor – no installation required.

VAT Exemptions

If you or the family member you’re purchasing for is disabled or has a long-term illness, and it’s for personal or domestic use, complete the required details below and you will not be charged VAT on the Locàite pendant. You can read more at:


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