Welcome to Locàite…

Thank you for introducing Locàite to your family. You’ve made an outstanding choice.

The Locàite app combined with your Locàite device gives you peace of mind and extra reassurance that your loved ones are safe and well, without taking away their precious independence.

Our UK based team are here to help you at every stage of your journey with Locàite. If you need us, just click ? Help in the app.

What do I need to do now?

Register in the app, store your monthly SIM plan top up details and activate any alarms you require. Then you’re ready to monitor the movement and safety of your loved one.

You’ll need your unique Locaite app activation code, which you’ll see when you lift out your pendant.

The app

Use the Locàite app to monitor and control your Locàite device. Click below for a step by step guide, or just download and dive in!
The Locaite app store icon

Locaite Me


The pendant

Everything you need to know about your Locàite pendant and app is available by clicking the ? help link within the Locàite app. You can also view 4g pendant and app support here.

The SIM plan

Locàite uses a mobile phone SIM to allow you to talk with the wearer, and for it to send alerts and location updates to you. Securely store debit or credit card details in the app to automatically top up each month. There’s no minimum contract length and you can cancel at any time.

Full SIM Plan details