SOS and Fall alarm pendant

Peace of mind for families supporting loved ones to live independently.

Fall alarm for elderly - Family are instantly notified and telephoned directly from the pendant

chat together any time, just like a phone - The pendant automatically answers your call

See valuable Daily routine insights for movement around the home and outside.

Our UK based support team are here to help with any questions or simply get you started.

Locaite screenshots
Such a game changer with Wandering in Dementia

This small device is such a big game changer, especially at wandering stage of Dementia. Its allowing Dad to continue his independence going out and about. We are able to communicate with him, he can also easily use SOS function. 8mths of use and cannot fault its accuracy or would we be without it. Just a shame its not more widely known about. Having needed to make emergency calls, its been expressed how good the GPS location was in reducing time down.

Beverley, Trustpilot

The Locàite.me 4g pendant is a fall and SOS alarm for the elderly and those living independently with dementia. Pronouced “Locate me” (our company name Càite means ‘Where’ in Scottish Gaelic), the pendant and family app gives you peace of mind and extra reassurance that your loved ones are safe and well at all times, without taking away their precious independence.

Our UK based team are here to help you at every stage of your journey.

Perfect for families seeking that light touch approach to monitoring the movement and safety of loved ones living with the early stages of dementia both inside and outside their home.

Simple by design with an extremely user friendly app made and hosted in the UK, Locàite.me is safe and ideal even for the least tech-savvy of us to master in minutes.

Easy to use app

Finding your loved ones shouldn’t require a degree in computing.
So we designed the Locàite.me app in house and made it as easy to use as possible.
You can easily share with as many other family members and carers as you need.

location icon

See where they are

Check the latest location and see a breadcrumb trail of recent movement.

events icon

See what’s happened

Review past notifications sent to you and everyone else you share your app with.

timeline icon

see where they have been

View detailed routes for any trips during the past few days.

insights icon

See daily routines

Easily monitor daily routines around the home with optional Room Locàite beacons. 


Reassurance for caring families




Vulnerable people


Monthly SIM plan

The Locàite SIM plan costs just £14.99. It’s a straightforward rolling 1 month contract and you can cancel any time from within the app. There’s no minimum period.

Our UK SIM backed by EE offers the biggest coverage of any UK network. (International SIM that roams across UK networks is available if required).

SIM plan includes unlimited data, free access to the easy to use Locàite app, 100 minutes of SOS voice calls and 60 optional SMS messages each month. Excess texts are just 10p and excess minutes are 15p if you exceed your inclusive allowance.

Room Locàite

indoor daily routine monitoring

With our optional Room Locàite beacons placed strategically around the home, you can easily check daily routines for the past 7 days.

This helps you build a picture of how your loved one is, not just where they are. It’s also invaluable to help you spot any changes in routine and help accordingly, especially for those living independently with dementia.

The beacons are small, don’t require any fitting, are simple to place in each room and battery powered.  We highly recommend Room Locàite when caring for someone living independently.

Room Locàite is most accurate in homes where the beacons can be 6 or more metres apart so the signals don’t overlap.

Smart • Intuitive • Invaluable


The technical bits

The Locaite.me 4g pendant and app are packed full of great features. We’ve spent a very long time making sure these are as simple and straightforward to use as possible. Everything is just a few taps away in the app, including extensive help and support from our UK based team.

Easy to view map

Instantly see the most recent locations on the map. Request “precision track” to update location every 10 seconds for a few minutes.

Auto dial

Pendant automatically calls up to 3 saved emergency contacts in turn if the SOS button is pressed or a fall is detected.


Auto answer

Calls made to the pendant are automatically answered without having to press any buttons. Easily restrict incoming calls to just trusted contacts.

Smartphone notifications

All authorised app users Instantly receive notifications on their smartphones for all the pendant alarms.

Zone alarms

Receive notifications when your loved one moves in to, or out of, an unlimited number of zones that you save within the app.

Share your app

You can easily allow other people to view your app, receive smartphone notifications and view device Location, Timeline, Events and Zones.

Home Locàite

When the pendant is at home, the GPS intelligently switches off to save battery and reactivates when you move outside.

Room Locàite

With optional Room Locàite beacons, easily see your loved one’s daily routine around the home and check for unexpected changes.

in-app help

Just tap the ? at the top of each app screen to read our feature specific help guides or ask our UK support team any questions.

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Average product Rating

Satisfied Locàite users

Would definitely recommend

This device is so simple for a dementia patient to use (and charge). The app is also really easy for the carer. The customer service is also first class. I bought this tracker after an unsuccessful false start with another more complicated device and am so pleased with it. Would highly recommend!

Ethel, Trustpilot

Brilliant purchase

I can’t rate this tracking device highly enough. My Dad has alzheimer’s and goes out for on average 3 walks a day. I now don’t have to worry about where he is. It’s very easy to use, I can see exactly where he is or where he’s been, and I love the fact I can even speak to him through the pendant. Tech support were excellent when I had a couple of queries. It’s also great value.

Gillian, Amazon

Excellent product and service

“Service has been excellent. Any query answered within minutes and replies are detailed and very helpful, especially considering tech is not one of my talents!
Locaite has given my family peace of mind when we can’t be with my elderly Mother and without it I am not sure that she could still live independently. Recommend 100%.

Sarah, Trustpilot

About Locàite.me’s founders

The Locàite app and platform is designed by two talented men with a vision to keep their loved ones safe. Brought together by the friendships of their young children, Marek and Stuart represent the best in entrepreneurship: A complimentary skill set, total lack of ego and an unrelenting desire to find solutions that really make a difference to their customers’ lives.


Marek is a highly skilled Software Engineer with over 20 years of software development experience consulting for a wide range of businesses.

His attention to detail and passion for technology is exceptional. Marek was relying on frequent calls to his elderly father in his home country of The Czech Republic and wanted a less intrusive and time consuming source of reassurance.

Developing Locàite.me was much more about reassurance for me than anything else. I want my father to live independently for as long as possible so I decided to create something that worked better for us as a family.


Stuart has been in the driving seat of developing trusted technologies to make our lives safer for more than 20 years.

He knows how to put the customer at the heart of his products and deliver simple solutions to human challenges.  Stuart describes the force behind Locàite.me as his most compelling to date:

Locàite.me was born out of the needs of my own young family.  With 2 young boys who have a thirst for adventure, my wife and I wanted to keep a remote eye on them without cramping their style or resorting to a mobile phoneAfter being struck by how difficult it was to navigate the market for personal tracking devices, I was compelled to create a simpler solution.